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“Language professionals commit themselves to LIFELONG LEARNING in recognition that languages, individuals and services evolve and change over time.” – MCIS’s Interpreter Training Programs will help you accomplish your learning and professional development goals!

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Interpreter Language Skills Assessment

The language skills assessment will complete your accreditation, once you have passed all of the technical competencies training components above, either through classroom or online training. A test can be scheduled with MCIS before, during or after your training session. Results take 3-6 weeks to come back.

The cost of the Language Skills Assessment is $195 + HST = $220.35. You only need to pass one of the available tests to receive accreditation. If you do not pass a test, a different version of the same test, or a different test altogether, can be scheduled immediately by making another payment, depending on availability. If you wish to attempt the same test, you must wait for 3 months.

Click on the button to find out more about our Language Skills Assessment options. Note you must complete your technical competencies training and pass the language skills assessment test to formally become an accredited community interpreter in Ontario.

If you wish to book an ILSAT or CILISAT exam, please click here to fill out the exam booking form.

Interpreter Training Philosophy
Your path to success in the language industry begins here, at MCIS!

At MCIS Language Solutions, we are passionate about using engaging facilitation methods such as behavioral facilitation, integral learning, and task-based learning. Our main focus is on helping you learn by doing rather than by passively listening to a lecturer. Our team of facilitators works with a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves, get-your-hands-dirty approach to training. Train with us and you will have a unique learning experience.

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