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Language Neutral Interpreter Training offered in English for all languages

MCIS Language Interpreter Training Program is ideal for candidates fluent in at least two languages and wish to work as community interpreters. This program offers candidates with no formal training in interpretation an opportunity to become professional interpreters and enter the field of community interpreting. The program is available online for candidates with intermediate computer skills.

Our Online Language Interpreter Training Program covers key concepts of language interpretation, as well as terminology, protocols, and procedures in different environments, focusing on healthcare and legal settings.

The interactive modules have been built with input by interpreters with vast experience in their field; the practice exercises are meant to emulate as closely as possible scenarios likely to be encountered in the field.

Topics Covered in the Curriculum

Fundamentals of Interpretation

  • Interpreter’s Code of Ethics & Ethical Dilemmas
  • Constituent Tasks of Interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpretation, Sight Translation and Introduction to Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Accuracy, Focus and Assertiveness
  • Cultural Awareness and Challenges to Impartiality
  • Technology in Interpreting

Legal Interpretation

  • Introduction to the Canadian Legal System
  • Court Layout, Key Players, Protocols and Etiquette
  • Interpreting in Legal Settings: Civil and Criminal Law Courts, Immigrant and Refugee Sector, Domestic Violence
  • Civil & Criminal Law

Medical Interpretation

  • Introduction to Healthcare Interpretation
  • Medical Terminology – Body Systems, Diseases and Procedures
  • Interpreting in Different Medical Contexts: Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Oncology, Neurology, Cardiology, Geriatrics, Urology, Palliative Care, Diabetics
  • Interpreting in Mental Health Settings
  • Public Health Interpreting
  • Interpreter’s Self Care and Safety

Get yourself familiarized with the Interpreter’s Code of Ethics:

Training Format

The program is held entirely online and is accessible 24/7. It is a self-paced course that allows you to control your own learning experience.

Course Details

  • Fee: $850 + HST (not including ILSAT/CILISAT test fee)
  • Hours: 120
  • Enrollment Duration: 90 days
  • Credentials Awarded upon Completion:
    • Letter of Attestation – upon completion of the course
    • Certificate of Completion – upon completion of the course and passing of ILSAT/CILISAT

Recommended Skills and Competencies

  • Full proficiency in English and another language
  • Access to computer and internet
  • Intermediate computer literacy
  • Time commitment – approximately 10-15 hours per week.

Please review our training policies before submitting a training application.

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OLIT Testimonial – Luidgi Joanis

OLIT Testimonial – Marietta Carriere

“I found that the program was well structured. The foundational module with its emphasis on the Interpreter's Code of Ethics was a key element for me. It made it very evident that strict observance of the Code will enable me, as a future interpreter, to carry out every engagement successfully. Also, I found the glossaries provided in both the Legal and Medical modules to be a very useful base on which I can build my own lexical database to serve me in the future. Finally, the Legal and Medical modules were well presented. They offered a helpful and very practical introduction to both areas. The unit devoted to medical terms is also of great value to me.” (OLIT graduate 2023)

“The Online Language Interpreter Training course offered by MCIS exceeded my expectations. I found the course content and delivery to be appropriate at this level. MCIS cleverly made the Interpreter’s Code of Ethics the central element of the first section, Fundamentals of Interpreting. Then the Legal Interpretation module was introduced in the second section, followed by the Medical Interpretation module in the third section. Both modules were presented in a straightforward and practical manner, accompanied with extensive glossaries for both modules. I found the glossaries to be particularly useful for they form the basis of my own personal lexical database in both areas. I am confident that MCIS’ Online Language Interpreter Training course has helped to prepare me to make the career change that I have planned so carefully. I will certainly enrol in advanced interpreter training courses as well as in the translation programme.” (OLIT graduate, May 2023)

“I’ve recently earned and finished the Online Language Interpreting Training with MCIS, and I can’t express enough how thankful I am to MCIS for this opportunity. The training was really well-put together, and it was an amazing tool to expand my knowledge and grow in my career as an interpreter.  I loved how it was well organized in sections, and specifically the medical module was great at describing prefixes and suffixes of some common medical terms that were totally unknown to me, and having that tool helped me connect the dots to basically understand any medical terminology even when I’m not super specialized in a specific branch of medicine. This turned out to be an invaluable tool for working in medical settings. I also loved how Mental health module was included and how important it is. It was useful to learn how to draw the line on assignments that may impact my impartiality and prevent vicarious trauma while learning the techniques to keep myself safe, and prioritizing self care was really handy when facing mental health setting in my day-to-day work. It helped me be stronger and ethical with my work. I love my job and would definitely continue to upgrade my skills with MCIS programs to grow professionally and reach more people I can help. Thank you so much!” 


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