Interpreter Language Skills Assessment

The language skills assessment will complete students’ qualification as a community interpreter, once you have passed the core interpreter competencies training. The test can also be completed as a standalone component as proof of your interpreting skills.  

There are two language skills assessment tests recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, ILSAT and CILISAT. You must pass either ILSAT or CILISAT to obtain the MCIS training certificate. Both tests have the same format and value, but they differ in interpreting situations and settings. If you do not pass the test, you can apply again and pay the fee to retake the same test or the other one.

To help you prepare for the language assessment, you can try out our mentoring sessions with a professional interpreter in your language combination.

ILSAT (Interpreter Language Skills Assessment Tool) – developed
by Across Languages, London, ON. 

MCIS is an authorized testing centre for remote ILSAT. 

  • Languages covered 
  • Taken remotely and independently using a computer and a Canadian phone number. 
  • Test slot can be booked online according to preferred date/time
  • Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours 
  • Cost: $270 + HST = $305 (the same price applies to test retakes) 
  • Results take 4-8 weeks to receive by email (followed by postal mail). 

CILISAT (Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool) – developed by CISOC, Ottawa, ON.  

MCIS is not currently administering the CILISAT test. If you’re interested in taking the CILISAT test, please contact testing centers.  

Please review our Testing Policies before submitting a booking request.

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