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Language Consulting
Let us help remove your operational language barriers

Do you have an upcoming event or project, that will involve participants from multiple parts of the world? Are you expanding your operations or market overseas? Looking to consolidate and analyze data from around the world? Don’t let language services be an afterthought. Breaking through the language barrier is essential in ensuring equal participation, engagement and commitment from all stakeholders.

You don’t need to set up a language services department. Describe your upcoming initiative with us, and we will leverage the industrial expertise of our staff and thousands of contractors to design the perfect solution package for you! Contact us now, and we will reply quickly with relevant follow-up questions to get the information necessary to formulate your customized solution.

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Adult Students
Staff Training + Assessment
E-Learning | Facilitation | Language Skills Assessment

MCIS has a robust training department and e-learning developers.  We develop training content for a global audience, reaching students as far as Africa and Asia. An extremely successful example of our training development capabilities is the Ontario government’s Online Training Initiative to address Human Trafficking.

If you wish to develop e-Learning programs for your organization and staff, describe your training intent and proposed curriculum, we will aide with the necessary research and curriculum development. We specialize in multilingual training content, including voiceover.

Our facilitators are also adept at hosting multilingual focus groups, workshops, onboarding sessions, and team building activities.

Lastly, we can help assess the language skills of your multilingual staff, via in-person, video or telephone interviews. Take the guesswork out of your hiring decisions!

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Whether you need a customized solution to address the language barriers in your operations or business, or need to create customized training content, e-Learning content, conduct multilingual research groups, host multilingual seminars or language training, tell us what you would like to accomplish, and we’ll come up with the solution.


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