Why Choose MCIS?

MCIS Language Solutions is a not-for-profit social enterprise, with no owners or shareholders. We reinvest our earnings into increasing access to essential services, information, and resources for vulnerable persons through the provision of language services. This allows us to focus on our service quality and social impact initiatives, rather than the bottom line.


MCIS’ service delivery teams are led by industry experts, including federally accredited conference interpreters, certified translators, project management professionals, and call centre managers. These teams leverage leading industry software in the areas of translation and interpretation to enhance user experience.

Translation Services

Aside from project managers, we assign dedicated account managers to all major customers. The account managers are always accessible to listen to your feedback, resolve issues and disputes, host routine meetings to discuss service, and send reports.

Interpreter services call center

MCIS currently employs multiple in-house language professionals to streamline delivery and reduce turnaround time.

Working on laptop

One third of MCIS’ operations is dedicated to training. We receive provincial funding to train community interpreters and translators. This allows us to monitor and control the quality of language service professionals we develop, and allows us to easily re-train language professionals and offer continuous development opportunities. Find out more about our training programs here..

Onsite Classes

MCIS is your language solutions hub

We are a non-profit social enterprise with the most comprehensive and professional language solutions in the industry

About MCIS

A social impact driven enterprise with teams who care about making other people’s lives better.

Our Story

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Our People

Our team cares about making other people’s lives better.

Our Board of Directors

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With over 25 years of experience this is what our clients have to say

MCIS has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has delivered great products. We will happily continue working with you again



OCIC loves the working relationship we have with MCIS – the professionalism, punctuality, flexibility, and passion of all MCIS interpreters and technicians are always the perfect complement to the OCIC team. We so look forward to continuing this working relationship in future.

Aniqah Zowmi


We found MCIS to be both professional and personal in their approach to supporting our project work. The MCIS team was easy to work with, produced quality work within tight time-frames and offered advice to help us make the most of our project. We are continuing to use MCIS and we hope this relationship will continue in the future.

Suzanne Gorman

|La Leche League Canada