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If you are a language professional qualified by education, training, and/or experience, apply below to join our roster of freelance vendors!

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Thank you for your interest in joining the team of language professionals at MCIS Language Solutions.

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Language Interpreter

Language Interpreters

In order to join MCIS as a Freelance Interpreter, you will need to provide:

Proof of Linguistic and Interpreting Competence: a recognized assessment of interpretation skills in your working languages (e.g. ILSAT, CILISAT), and
Proof of Technical and Research Competence: successful completion of interpreter training on the role of the interpreter, code of ethics, standards of practice, and setting-specific interpretation (at a college or community agency level).

Translation Services


MCIS welcomes translators who are:

Certified by CTTIC or its provincial affiliate chapters in Canada
Certified by ATA in the U.S.
Graduates of a Diploma or Degree program in a Language-Specific Translation School from a recognized university or college.
Experienced translators with More than 2 years of full-time translation experience, who are able to provide a Reference Letter from your employers or clients who can corroborate the above experience.
You may be required to submit a Translation Sample (minimum 275 words, the source or target must be English).

Translator Training

ASL Interpreters

MCIS works exclusively with ASL Interpreters who are active members of The Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC). Click here to learn more about our ASL interpreter recruitment policies.

If you meet the above requirements, please complete the Freelancer Application Form, and make sure to attach all relevant documents.

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Find out more about our Training Programs

The application link above is meant for candidates who are already qualified language professionals. If you are interested in entering the language industry, please check out our interpreter and translator training programs or sign up for a training information session:

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Interpreter Support Form

Dedicated form to provide support to interpreters through the Interpreter Intelligence transition

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