About the Programs

Language-neutral training programs offered in English but come with lots of practice in another language.

Our advanced programs are ideal for professional interpreters seeking to advance their skills, maximize their opportunities, and/or focus on one of the offered specialized fields.

They offer candidates with interpreting experience the opportunity to be equipped with an extensive terminology base, background knowledge, and interpreting strategies related to specific settings.

These programs are available online for candidates with intermediate computer skills.


See what our trainees have to say about the advanced programs

“UMIT helped me to prepare for my IMIA medical interpreter certification exam productively and efficiently. It is very user-friendly and interactive, easy to follow and navigate, and offers clear instructions. It also contains just the right amount of medical terminology, quizzes and scenarios allowing a learner to acquire essential interpreter skills needed for interpreting in healthcare settings.” (UMIT graduate, 2023)

“The general impression is that this course is very helpful in gaining the understanding of basic and advanced medical terms. I especially liked the fact that the course provides some theory background in the main areas of medical interpretation with a further practical follow-up of either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation in context.” (AMIT graduate, 2022)

“First, I would like to thank our facilitator for her great approach and sharing of knowledge; it was wonderful. Also, I would like to always thank the training team for prompt and efficient help. I really liked the course content, the online portal, the resources, and the overall delivery of it. Thanks, and keep up the great work!” (ACIT graduate, 2021)

“I really liked the course. It was interactive & engaging. It's great for first-timers and as a refresher for interpreters with experience. I would recommend this course." (UMIT graduate, 2022)

“I am very satisfied with the content of the course as well as the kindness and experience of our tutor/professor.” (ACIT graduate, 2021)

“Overall, I enjoyed the course and feel much more confident about my knowledge of medical terminology.” (AMIT graduate, 2020)

“I worked in legal settings before, this course gives me more confidence in this area of interpretation. Thank you very much.” (ACIT graduate, 2022)


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