About the Program

Language Neutral Translator Training offered in English for all languages.

MCIS Translator Training Program aims to offer equal access to education, in order to help reduce the shortage of trained translators in the multitude of languages spoken in Canada. The program provides linguistically diverse Canadians with the means to develop skills and knowledge to become community translators.

Our Online Translator Training Program covers the fundamentals of translation, translation strategies, translation technology and the best practices used in the industry. It also focuses on translating for community settings, such as translation of official and public outreach documents of legal and medical nature.

The interactive modules have been built with input by translators with vast experience in their field. The translation exercises provide guided practice needed to develop pace and confidence in translation.

At the end of the program, learners are to take a post-training assessment (PTA). It consists of the translation from and into English that is marked by a professional translator working in the learner’s language combination.

Topics Covered In The Curriculum

Fundamentals of  Translation

  • Skills and Competences of the Translator
  • The Language Services Industry
  • The Translator’s Code of Ethics
  • The Translation Process
  • Key Concepts of Translation

Developing Translation Competence

  • Source Text Analysis
  • Research and Documentation
  • Terminology and Subject Matter Research
  • Technical Competence
  • Translation and Technology*
  • Quality in Translation: Revision, Editing & Proofreading
  • Translation from English into Other Language
  • Translation into English

Community Translation

  • Translation of Official Documents
  • Translation of Public Outreach Materials
  • Legal Translation
  • Medical Translation

*Our curriculum includes a practice of Wordfast translation tools, courtesy of Wordfast LLC and Yves Champollion.

Training Format

The program is held entirely online and is accessible 24/7. It is a self-paced course that allows you to control your own learning experience.

Course Details

  • Fee: $850 + HST
  • Hours: 120
  • Enrollment Duration: 120 days
  • Credentials Awarded upon Completion: Certificate of Completion* – upon completion of the course requirements and post-training assessment

*This program does not lead to any professional certification by professional associations such as ATIO.


Applicants must have:

  • An excellent command of the English language (both writing and reading skills).**
  • Good writing skills in working languages.
  • Computer literacy (ability to type in English and the other working language(s)).***
  • A working laptop with MS Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader (Chromebooks or tablets may not be used).
  • Research skills (needed for modules on terminology, reference material and stylistic guides).
  • Cultural competence (both cultures of translation).
  • Post-secondary (university or college) degree/certificate.
  • Time commitment – approximately 10-15 hours per week.

**This is mandatory as the course will be delivered in English.
*** Students must already possess basic computer knowledge. This course is not intended to teach basic skills.

Please review our training policies before submitting a training application.

Training PoliciesApply Here


See what our trainees have to say about the advanced programs

“Overall, the information was highly valuable to me, as would be to anyone, doesn’t matter if they are newbies or have some experience in the translation filed. The course explains a lot about Canadian specifics which would be extremely beneficial to the newcomers entering translator’s profession in Canada. The benefits of it cannot be measured, as there is simply no other program that could help professionals from different countries to adjust their skills to Canadian realities. I definitely feel much more confident now to proceed with my translation projects. Thank you, MCIS!” (OTTP graduate, 2023)

“The content was well-chosen and structured; the lessons were organized in a perfect order. The major elements of translation for different areas of law, medicine and community sectors were introduced, which was a great help for me in particular. I was wondering if I should concentrate later on a certain path and the points presented in this course helped me to understand what to choose.” (OTTP graduate, 2023)

“I just want to express how grateful I am to the MCIS Translator Training Course and how lucky I was to take it. The course taught me essential basics (and much more) that are needed to start the career of translator. While I had a general idea of which skills and knowledge are required, I benefitted a lot from the information that was given by this course. It broadened my understanding of the details involved in this field and opened my eyes on many valuable things I didn’t even think about. It gave me some shortcuts and useful tricks to overcome the common obstacles in the profession.” (OTTP graduate, 2023)

“Thank you! Without doubt, I learnt a lot of things in this course and all the tools you have provided me will be very useful in my career as translator.” (OTTP graduate, 2019)

"I think the training is very good as it is. It gives a glimpse of what working as a translator entails and tools for addressing the challenges. It also provides many useful resources and opportunities to practice". (OTTP graduate, 2023)

"I will pursue Certification in the future once I had more practice in this field. I really like this course a lot and would encourage my family, friends and colleagues to take it too.” (OTTP graduate, 2019)

“This training presented an amazing opportunity to launch my career in translation! Thank you, MCIS!” (OTTP graduate, 2019)

“Thank you very much for your great effort to put together a very high-quality program!” (OTTP graduate, 2018)

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. True to [the] MCIS [vision]. The whole team was professional, competent and diligent. It was probably [a challenge] to design the course, so kudos to all of you!” (OTTP graduate, 2018)

“Thank you very much for the hard work and dedication to this project. I greatly enjoyed the training. It has a good combination of theoretical teaching and hands-on practice. I would recommend this training to any person wishing to become a professional translator!” (OTTP graduate, 2018)


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