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  • 1 In person

    Ideal for one-on-one and small group meetings, the interpreter attends the appointment in person, and conveys the message after each utterance in short sentences. Sight translation – the reading out of a document into the language of the listener, can be included in this service. In person interpreting offers the highest service quality among all modes of delivery.

  • 2 Telephone interpreting

    Remote telephone Interpretation is more convenient than in person interpretation, has a lower minimum fee, and removes the limitation of geography. Immediate telephone interpreting services is also available, charged in 1-minute increments without minimums.

  • 3 Video remote interpreting

    Like telephone, video interpreting services is more convenient than in person, has a lower minimum fee, removes the geographical limitation, but still maintains a visual connection between parties, allowing the interpreter to pick up on non-verbal queues. video assignments can be pre-scheduled like in person services.

  • 4 Message relay

    MCIS will phone an individual to relay brief information that has been provided by our clients, in the listening party’s language, such as details of an upcoming appointment. MCIS can also relay information from the individual back to the requester, this service is included in the initial fee.

  • 5 Sign Language Interpreting first-finger

    Sign language interpreting is used for communication between English/French speakers and people who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing that have learned to sign. The interpreter verbally communicates with the speaker and signs to the deaf or deafened or hard of hearing person.