Guidelines for joining mcis roster of freelancers as an asl interpreter

In order to provide highest quality American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation services to our customers, MCIS only works with active members of Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC) and its affiliate chapters across the country.

MCIS acknowledges that active AVLIC members abide by the organization’s Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct, and have completed a recognized ASL-English Interpreter Education Program.

We encourage all current active members of AVLIC to join our roster and help us continue promote the right to responsive access to legal, healthcare and social services through the use of qualified interpreters.

In the same way, MCIS encourages all aspiring ASL interpreters to become active members of AVLIC before joining our roster of freelance language professionals.

Requirements for ASL interpreters wishing to join MCIS Roster:

  • Submit an application form
  • Attach updated resume
  • Attach relevant credentials in language interpretation (Diplomas, certificates, accreditations, etc.).
  • Attach valid proof of active membership in AVLIC (Submitted proof will be confirmed using AVLIC’s directory of members).

Our recruitment team will follow up on all applications within 24 hours and prompt applicants to complete an orientation to MCIS Language Solutions protocols and procedures for interpreters (INT101), and sign a Professional Services Agreement.

Why do we choose to work with active AVLIC members?

  • AVLIC is the only national association representing sign language interpreters in Canada. All new members graduate from a recognized ASL-English Interpreter Education Program.
  • All AVLIC members are obligated to abide by its Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct. According to the code of conduct, members are required to have a specific set of skills for ASL interpretation.
  • The Code of Conduct is paired with the Dispute Resolution Process (DRP) that members and consumers of the service have access to for resolving perceived breaches of ethics or conduct.