Working with MCIS using Interpreter Intelligence

By: Jack Xu

by: Vendor Management

Dear MCIS Interpreter,

On July 1st, MCIS launched Interpreter Intelligence (II), an exciting new Interpreter Management System (IMS). This change came after a long period of research and discussion by MCIS’ Senior Management on industry trends, feedback from our customers and business needs. II has been implemented to ensure an efficient and productive freelance working experience for all our language professionals.

In this blog post, we have simplified the functionalities of II to give you better insight on the various features available to you as an interpreter:

Access II

You can access II on your computer by visiting You can also download a shortcut on your smartphone and access II through your phone (recommended).

If your profile is currently active with MCIS, then you already have an online account on II; please visit the portal and click on the password recovery link on the right-hand side of the screen, if you have not accessed II yet!

Manage Your MCIS Profile

You can manage your MCIS profile directly on II to make sure that your profile information is accurate and up-to-date.

Please note that your profile can only be accessed online on the full vendor portal, using your computer and is not accessible via mobile. To learn more, please click here.

Verify qualifications/ attach supporting documents

You can see what professional qualifications we have on file for you. If you have recently completed a professional development course relating to your skills as an interpreter, please email and we will add it to your profile. If the qualification is already there, you can supporting documents to it, if they are missing on your file. Also, for qualifications about to expire, II will send you a reminder to renew your qualification and add the supporting document online. This will ensure you profile is always up to date, so that we continue to offer you the most suitable jobs.


You can mark your weekly availability on the vendor portal so that MCIS only contacts you when you are available for jobs. This can be done through the availability feature on II vendor portal using your computer. Full information is available online.


In addition, you can block off days on your calendar when you are taking some time off or going on a vacation. This can be done through the unavailability feature available on the II vendor portal on your computer. This will prevent MCIS from assigning or offering you jobs during your time off.

Banking Information

A direct deposit form or a void cheque should be directly sent to Please DO NOT add your banking information to II, as this section is not synchronized with our accounting system.

 Close Your Jobs Electronically

You can now report job completion on-site, right after you have completed the job, using your smartphone. This makes sure that the jobs are closed within a timely manner and you do forget to report job completion. Alternatively, the job can be closed using the computer.

  • All jobs must be closed within 48 hours of delivery. Failure to close a job within 48 hours may affect your payment.
  • Make sure your message relays (MR) are closed with 1 hour of completion time
  • Attach receipts online for any pre-approved incidentals. You can do this through your phone at the same time you are closing the job. If you need to attach a receipt after a job has been closed, it will need to be done on the computer.
  • There is no need to close cancelled with fee, this is paid by default by MCIS
  • You must close SP No-Show and Client No-Show
  • You can sign for yourself for remote jobs
  • Only change the start time of your job in the event that you are late or the service provider (SP) decides to start the job earlier than the original start time
  • Always have a blank Verification of Services (VoS) Form handy, just in case you are unable to access the internet
  • Please note: it is mandatory to get SP signatures for in-person jobs and attach receipts online to successfully close the jobs and get paid

See the estimate on closing the job

The job estimate is available on closing the job, if this is incorrect, please contact the IS Coordinator immediately. If your biweekly reimbursement is incorrect, please contact

See Your Payments Online

The full detailed payment statement is available online on your vendor portal (please see the instructions here); this includes the invoice number and total amount paid.

Returning Confirmed Jobs

While we recognise that sometimes your availability changes after you are confirmed for a job, we would like to remind you that this puts additional pressure on staff to source an interpreter and the job may go unfulfilled. Also, a large number of denieds on your profile affects your language rating!

We appreciate your commitment to supporting our vision to connect people globally through languages. If you require further assistance with II, you can always reach us by filling out an online inquiry and our II Help Team will be more than happy to assist you with the new system.

If you want more information on working with MCIS, please read our orientation package available here.

Best wishes,

Vendor Management
MCIS Language Solutions