Want to Help People Have Language Access? Come to MCIS!

By: Jack Xu

=By: Jose

Language access means access to the world. Newcomers to a country other than their native ones would feel like a fish out of water if they could not express themselves at different scenarios. Therefore, it would be difficult for them to tell a doctor where it hurts, discuss legal issues with a lawyer, or even read and understand leaflets or handouts in another language.

With that in mind, I decided I would be a language professional, so I could help those people. I myself fell in love with English after the first contact I had with it, back in my teenage years. Knowing that I could help other people understand anything written and spoken in another language made very happy. So, I knew I would become a language professional in the future. The next thing I did was rush to a language school to enroll on an English course. In addition to the English I learned at school, song lyrics really helped me learn a lot more English words and expressions.

As time went by, I felt I needed more practice as well as experience other English-related areas. Then I had a chat with a translator friend of mine and asked her for some tips on Canadian institutions where I could polish up my language skills. She recommended MCIS. I immediately accessed MCIS website, and when I saw they had an Online Language Interpreter training program, I didn’t think twice. I got in touch with them and they arranged for me to start the online training. Once I started it, I realized it was exactly what I was looking for.

It is difficult to pick one part of the OLIT program as my favorite. The training really met my expectations and needs. But I would say the videos and conversations for interpretation practice are awesome. Besides helping you improve your language skills, it is a real lesson on the Canadian judicial system and all other important issues to facilitate the life of people who need language access. Now that I was given the opportunity of taking the Online Translation Training Program, I would say I am really impressed with quality of the videos and the way the program was devised. I am really excited about this training and I am sure it will not let me down.

So, if you are planning on improving the language skills you already have, or if you are thinking of starting a career in either interpretation or translation, you should not hesitate. Get in touch with MCIS right now; you will certainly find high-quality training with prices that fit your budget, besides getting outstanding attention from everyone at MCIS.