The Polyglot Profiles

The Polyglot Profiles – Sara Maria Hasbun


The Polyglot Profiles – Introducing Sara Maria Hasbun Sara Maria Hasbun is the founder and Managing Director of Meridian Linguistics, a linguistic consulting firm that offers translation and other language services to global businesses. Their linguists and translators work remotely from all over the world. Sara Maria is American, but currently based in South Korea.

The Polyglot Profiles – Veronica Costea


The Polyglot Profiles – Introducing Veronica Costea Veronica Costea is currently the Director of Client Services at MCIS Language Solutions, as well as a certified Romanian translator and community interpreter with over 10 years of experience in the language services industry. Prior to joining MCIS, she worked as a freelance language professional and language teacher,

The Polyglot Profiles – Hongyan Xu


THE POLYGLOT PROFILES – Introducing Hongyan (Jack) Xu Jack is currently the Marketing Manager at MCIS Language Solutions, and has been with the organization since 2011. His previous positions at MCIS include Freelance Community Interpreter (Mandarin), Translation Coordinator, Training Coordinator, Resource Development Supervisor, Interpretation Services Manager, and Sales Manager. In 2015, as Interpretation Services Manager,

The Polyglot Profiles – Carmelina Lazzarino


THE POLYGLOT PROFILES – Introducing Carmelina Lazzarino Carmelina is a community and medical interpreter, working primarily in Italian and Southern Italian dialects. She became a professional interpreter after training with MCIS, and has worked freelance for the organization since 2014, in addition to providing medical interpretation for Toronto’s University Health Network (UHN). At MCIS’ 2018

The Polyglot Profiles – Sriranjani Vijenthira

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 THE POLYGLOT PROFILES – Introducing Sriranjani (Sri) Vijenthira Sri has worked with MCIS for nearly 9 years as a freelance interpreter and translator. She currently does translation work for MCIS, while working as a Tamil language instructor and assessor for the Toronto District School Board. At our 2018 Annual General Meeting, Sri was awarded the

MCIS introduces – The Polyglot Profiles

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  Introducing The Polyglot Profiles: why you should consider becoming a language professional By: Sanah Matadar – Social Media Coordinator Attention High School students! It’s that time of year. The deadline for university applications is looming closer and closer and no one doubts that the task of choosing what to pursue for the rest of your