Interpreter Language Skills Assessment

The language skills assessment will complete students’ qualification as a community interpreter, once you have passed the core technical competencies training, either in class or online. The test can also be completed as a standalone component as proof of your language or interpreting skills, as often requested by an employer.

A test can be scheduled with MCIS before, during or after your community interpreter core competencies training session. Results take 4-8 weeks to come back.

You only need to pass one of the available tests to obtain a certificate. If you do not pass a test, a different version of the same test, or a different test altogether, can be scheduled immediately by making another payment, depending on availability. If you wish to attempt the same test, you must wait for 3 months. MCIS is an authorized testing centre for ILSAT and CILISAT exams

Interpreter Testing
Interpreter Testing
  • COST OF EXAM: For each language combination the candidate wishes to be tested for, the cost is:
    • $195.00 + HST = $220.35 for ILSAT (Interpreter Language Skills Assessment Tool, developed
      by Across Languages, London, ON), or
    • $215.00 + HST = $242.95 for CILISAT (Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool, developed by CISOC, Ottawa, ON)
  • These prices also apply to test retakes.
  • DURATION: Approximately 1.5 hours
    Please review our Training Policies before submitting a booking request.
    MCIS is not currently offering the CILISAT test, an alternative to ILSAT. If you’re interested in taking the CILISAT exam, please contact testing centres.

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Skills Development Workshops

  • Do you need help preparing for an interpreter language skills assessment?
  • Do you want to find out if you have the skills required to work as an interpreter?

These language-independent workshops are a great way to identify your interpretation strengths and weaknesses. They will also help you identify your level of preparedness for an interpreter language skills assessment. The group session seats 12-16 people, and it includes basic concepts in sight translation and dialogue interpretation, tips on taking the most popular interpreter language skills assessments available in the industry (ILSAT/CILISAT), and personalized feedback on grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and other aspects of the test.

If you wish to book an ILSAT or CILISAT exam, please click here.

  • Cost (Online, 1 hour minimum): $50.00 + HST
  • Cost (On-Site, 2 hours minimum): $90.00 + HST
  • Format: Online or in-person

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Interpreter Testing


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Community Interpreting Testimonial

Community Interpreting Testimonial


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