“Thank you very much for the hard work and dedication to this project. I greatly enjoyed this training. It has a good combination of theoretical teaching and hands-on practice. I would recommend this training to any person wishing to become a professional translator!”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. True to [the] MCIS [vision]. The whole team was professional, competent and diligent. It was probably [a challenge] to design the course, so kudos to all of you!”

“Excellently prepared class notes and power point slides, in addition, I find each and every facilitator knowledgeable with varying degrees of humor. The delivery was equally impressive to allow students remain focused and attentive. This is quite an accomplishment.”

“Special thanks to all [the] facilitators. They are very knowledgeable and professional. Excellent program!”

“Thank you very much for your great effort to put together a very high quality program!”

“MCIS has done it again and provided an excellent and wonderful learning experience. Thanks to all our wonderful facilitators and friendly group.”

“Thanks to MCIS and the wonderful facilitators in general who guided us unreservedly.”

“Thank you to all instructors. You did a great job. I appreciate your time, effort and patience. Without doubt, I learnt a lot of things in this course and all the tools you have provided me will be very useful in my career as translator.”

“I will pursue Certification in the future once I had more practice in this field. I really like this course a lot and would encourage my family, friends and colleagues to take it too.”

“This training presented an amazing opportunity to launch my career in translation! Thank you, MCIS!”

“Samuel was excellent with our client. We very much appreciated having him with us and will definitely be using him anytime a Spanish interpreter is needed! We are very pleased to have found someone that could come quickly (within 24 hours) and provide such excellent service! Well done Samuel.”

Thank you so much. I’m proud of myself being able to finish this tough course with a lot going on in my professional and personal life. I do thank you and your team for your support and I would love to continue my professional development with your center. The courses you provide are very unique and tailored for the needs of a professional interpreter and translator.

Please keep up the good work and support for the profession 🙂 You’re the best in Canada!