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Advanced Court Interpreter Training

Amitt / Umitt

Advanced Medical Interpreter Terminology Training

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This course is designed to help learners further their court interpreting skills and expand their legal vocabulary base. It serves as proof of specialized training in legal or court interpretation. It is also a great preparation tool for the components frequently featured in court interpreter accreditation exams. ACIT can help you ace those accreditation exams!

Courts, Ministries of the Attorney General and Ministries of Justice across Canada use accreditation exams to screen and select their team of court interpreters. By becoming a court interpreter you can advance significantly in your career as a language professional.

ACIT is led by a team of accomplished facilitators who are accredited court interpreters with the Ministry of the Attorney General. The focus of the program is on skills and vocabulary building in the context of court interpretation. Some of the key topics covered in ACIT include: Canada’s System of Justice, the Court System, Criminal Law, Theft, Indecency, Ballistics, Firearms, Sexual Assault, Murder, and general Court Decorum and Etiquette.

Another essential component of the training is preparation for the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) court interpreter accreditation exam. A mock exam at the end of training and other MAG-specific practice material will give you an edge in pursuing accreditation as a court interpreter. A certificate of completion is awarded to candidates who complete all the requirements with regards to assignments, attendance, and training evaluation.

NOTE: Completing ACIT training does not guarantee a chance to sit for a court interpreting accreditation exam. Interpreters who wish to pursue court interpreter accreditation must apply directly with their local courts or ministries in charge of accrediting court interpreters.

  • Training Fee: $495.00 + HST
  • Time Commitment: 30 instructional hours + 60 recommended self-study hours
    • Access to training content: 90 days
    • Self-study commitment:3 hours daily for a period of 5-6 weeks
  • Format (see exact dates and availability in application form):
    • On-Site: 5 weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6 pm – 9 pm

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Amitt / Umitt

The Advanced Medical Interpreter Terminology Training (AMITT), or the U.S. Medical Interpreter Terminology Training (UMITT) courses have been designed for interpreters serving clients in the healthcare sector. AMITT/UMITT was developed to help learners expand their medical terminology base, practice this terminology in context, and understand the healthcare system.

The program provides ample opportunities to interpret across different healthcare and public health settings. It follows a skills and vocabulary-development approach with asynchronous practice activities on our e-Learning platform.

The AMITT or UMITT certificate of completion serves as proof of technical competence in medical terminology in your professional development as a medical interpreter. In addition, UMIT has proven quite beneficial for Canadian interpreters working with US-based companies, as a means to prepare for the medical interpreter accreditation exam administered by the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters.

The two versions of the program available, AMITT for Canadian interpreters and UMITT for US-based interpreters. This is in recognition that the Code of Ethics for interpreters and the approach to advocacy are interpreted and applied differently in the US and in Canada.

Course Overview:

  • General Overview of Healthcare Interpreting
  • Terminology, Body Systems and Procedures
  • The Interpreter in Context (Appointments, Prep Work, Medications, Obscenities and Sexual
  • Simultaneous Interpretation in Healthcare
  • Interpreting in Mental Health Settings
  • Safety, Self-care and Vicarious Trauma
  • Public Health Interpreting
  • Decorum, Assertiveness and Professionalism
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Advanced Training Programs

Course Overview:

  • Training Fee: See application form
  • Time Commitment: 18 instruction hours + 40 recommended self-study hours
    • Access to training content:90 days
    • Self-study commitment:3 hours daily for a period of 5-6 weeks
  • Format: Online, Asynchronous (you manage your training schedule)
  • Professional Development: Approved for 10 Professional Development Credits (PDUs) with the Ontario Council on Community Interpreting (OCCI)
  • PLEASE NOTE: This Training material resembles content in OLIT and is not advised for individuals who have completed OLIT Training.

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Advanced Interpreter Training Programs

Glendon College – York University Master Of Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreters earn significantly higher rates compared to community, legal or medical interpreters. Typical daily rates range from $800.00 – $1,200.00. Conference interpreters are required world-wide by heads of state, delegations, business groups, universities, focus groups, etc., to provide long-consecutive and/or simultaneous interpretation.

York University’s Glendon College offers a 2 year Master’s program, complete with language-specific education and practice, professors who are members of AIIC or accredited conference interpreters from world-renowned international institutions, guest professors for targeted practice, and internship opportunities.

MCIS graduates can apply for exemption of the first year of Glendon’s two-year graduate program (pending approval from the university and passing a transition exam).

To learn more about the Master of Conference Interpreting program at Glendon College, click on the button below.

MCI Program At Glendon College

Humber College - Language Interpreter Training Certificate

Through Humber’s PLAR process (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition), MCIS graduates can submit an MCIS-issued transcript with a completed PLAR application to Humber College. MCIS grads will be exempt from LITC 101, 102, 103 and 105. The cost of the application is $200 payable to Humber College, which covers the complete assessment of an MCIS transcript for exemption. Successful applicants can subsequently enrol in the remaining two courses: LITC104 (Simultaneous Interpreting) and LITC106 (Capstone Skills Integration). Upon successful course completion, they will be eligible to receive the LITC certificate from Humber College.

Contact MCIS today for your transcript at

MCIS Transcripts will be sent to a mailing address of your choice, and a $15.00 fee will apply.

To learn more about the PLAR application for MCIS community interpreter training graduates at Humber College, or to find out more about Humber’s Language Interpreting Training Certificate (LITC) program, click on the buttons below.


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