The language skills assessment will complete students’ qualifications as community interpreters. The test can be completed either as part of the MCIS training completion process or as a standalone component as proof of your interpreting skills.

MCIS is an authorized testing center for the ILSAT test.

Requirements for the test

  • A computer with a good Internet connection
  • A Canadian phone number with good coverage
  • A quiet private room to take the test from
  • Technical competence and computer literacy

Test Integrity

  • You should be alone at the time of taking the test.
  • No use of dictionaries and online glossaries is allowed during your attempt.
  • No cell phones can be used for terminology research, making and receiving personal calls and texting.
  • You can have a notepad and a pen to take notes during the test. Please make sure to destroy your notes right after the test.


  • Payment for testing must be made at the time of booking, and the test must be taken within 7 days of booking.
  • Refunds are allowed provided the test has not been attempted.

Test Results

Results take about 4-8 weeks to arrive.


The price for the retake test is the same. For some languages, the retake can be done immediately, while for others you may need to wait for 3 months. Please check with the Training team at

Technical support

If you experience any technical issues at the time of the test (i.e., can’t access the text for sight translation, don’t hear the dialogue, the call does not connect, etc.), please immediately contact