Rick Gill immigrated to Canada in 1995 from Trinidad. Since then he has lived or
worked in all the provinces. His professional background includes at one point
running for political office, and has involved a diverse array of experience in Retail
Development, Regional and Project Management across Canada. In 2008 Rick
became a Constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stationed in
Strathmore, Alberta, where he spent considerable time addressing the challenges
faced by Canada’s indigenous peoples. During this period in additional to policing
duties, he was assigned to be the Liaison Officer to the local high school, appointed
to the Advisory Council of (YELL) Youth Empowering Lasting Leadership, and
became a member of the local Agricultural Society. This experience piqued his
interest in community involvement, which he thoroughly enjoyed, until he left the
police force and returned to Ontario to care for his ailing parents. Upon returning to
Ontario, Gill made the decision to return to Retail Development. He currently
manages the retail operations of a successful national Canadian company.