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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)1) Do I need to carry the MCIS invoice form with me and get the signature for in-person assignments?There is no need to carry the invoice form and no need to get the signature of the service provider but you still have to remember the details to accurately fill the online form; if you have internet access fill out and submit the online form in front of the delivery contact immediately after the assignment or as soon as you reach home. Whenever possible, it is recommended that you confirm the start and end time with the service provider. For example, say to the service provider “we started at 1 pm and ended at 3 pm?”

    2) I have already sent in a few July assignments in the email or fax, do I need to resubmit those online?

    If you have already sent the July assignments on the MCIS invoice form then there is no need to resubmit for now. Please submit the assignments online going forward.

    3) I realized data entry errors after submitting the assignment and I need to correct it, how do I correct it?

    Click on the same link which you had used to fill out the assignment form earlier ⇒ type ALL the information again without any errors ⇒ type in a short note in Comments/notes box like “resubmitting with corrected data” ⇒ Submit.

    4) Is PDSB for which I use a different invoice form also to be reported online only without a need for signature on the invoice form?

    PDSB is also included in the new procedure; it’s not needed to carry the form with you but you still have to remember assignment details needed to fill out the online form. If you have internet access fill out and submit the online form in front of the delivery contact, immediately after the assignment.

    5) Who is the contact whose name I have to put in the form, is it same as the requester name or delivery contact or some other person who was at the location.

    The contact name which is to be entered in the form is the same person who would have signed your invoice form after the assignment. This individual could be the requestor or the just the delivery contact but would have to be present when you delivered the service or has to confirm that you delivered the service.

    6) I forgot to note down the contact name for who I had interpreted for, what can I do now?

    The contact name is to be diligently reported. However, as an exception, please refer to the confirmation email and write the same delivery contact name on the online form with comments as to why you forgot to record the contact name.

    7) PAR assignments may have a different contact each week; do I put the name received in the confirmation email or get the contact name who was present at the assignment?

    Same as point 4. The contact name will be the same person who would have typically signed your invoice form. Please remember/record the name to enter in the online form. If you have mobile access then fill out and submit the form immediately after the assignment.

    8) I lost the email which had the link to report the assignment. How can I report it now?

    Call the interpretation services department to resend the email with the link again.

    Please do not delete MCIS emails unless you are sure. Create a subfolder in your inbox to store all MCIS interpretation emails.

    9) I forgot to submit the assignment within the deadline of 48 hours. Can I still do it?

    Since the online submission is a new procedure, we are allowing you to submit it by mentioning in the comments/notes a short valid reason for late submission.

    10) I am not sure if I submitted or reported all my assignments online. What can I do?

    MCIS sends a confirmation email before the actual assignment happens, and a confirmation email is also sent to you after you submit it online. Please use these two emails to check.

    11) The assignment was booked from 9.00 am – 11 am. I was at the location at 9.00 am but the service provider or the client came late and the assignment started 9.30 am. What start time should I put on the form?

    Since you were at the assignment at the correct booked time, enter 9.00 am as the actual start time and enter the actual end time when the assignment ends. However, if you arrived late for an assignment the arrival time at the location is to be used as the start time. Please see #12

    12) I was late for the assignment, what is the start time I enter in the online form? Example assignment booked for 9:00 am-11:00 am and because I was late the interpretation started 9.25 am and ended 10:30 am.

    If you were late for the assignment then write the actual start time as 9.25 am and write “INTERPRETER LATE ARRIVAL” in the comments/notes box. In certain cases, the amount of time you were late will be deducted from the payment. in the above example, you will be paid for 1 hour and 35 minutes only. This procedure has been in effect for many years now and it is not a new procedure.

    13) Are we going to get paid early now that we are submitting the online form within 48 hours?

    No, the payment cycle remains the same as before (assignments from 1-15 of the month will be paid by the 31st or 1st, and assignments from 16 – 31 of the month will be paid around the 15th  of the next month by direct deposit only.)

    14) What do I do with the MCIS invoice forms which I have for July or the previous months?

    Scan and store the invoice forms for your own use. MCIS does not require the invoice forms from July 1st, 2017.

    15) I clicked on submit and did not receive a confirmation email for the assignment, or I submitted two assignments but got confirmation for only one.

    The email could have gone to the SPAM / JUNK folder. Check your SPAM folder regularly if needed. To avoid this include as a contact in your email account or whitelist it.