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The MCIS team is all set to make two presentations at the ATA conference running from November 2 to 5.

Victoria Radvan, Training Content Developer, will talk about an online training program developed to train interpreters in remote areas of Canada, and how MCIS went from in-person to an online training program.

Gabriela Rodas, Translation and Special Projects Supervisor, will speak about how we encourage our language professionals to become agents of social change through various initiatives.

Abstracts of the presentations are below:

  • From Classroom to Online Training: Lessons, Gaps, and Opportunities in eLearning for Interpreters

Author: Alejandro Gonzalez, Resource Development Manager

How do you transfer (successfully) a traditional classroom-based interpreter training to a completely asynchronous online format? This is the question that stumped the speaker and his colleagues back in 2011, when they were tasked with the development of an online program to train interpreters in remote areas of Canada. The project entailed transferring the curriculum for their classroom-based training to an asynchronous format that could be hosted on an eLearning management system. The speaker will share some strategies in the process of going from onsite to online learning. 

  • Why Language Professionals Matter: Experiences from the Field

Authors: Gabriela Rodas, Translation and Special Projects Supervisor, Veronica Costea, Translation and Special Projects Manager, and Eliana Trinaistic, Social Impact Manager

In a world of complex migration patterns, language professionals become agents of social change rather than merely mediators of social dialogue. The standards for measuring social impact in the language industry are not clear. This presentation will showcase 4 initiatives connecting language professionals to create positive, measurable social impact: Food for Language – a collaborative storytelling experiment; Documentaries for Change –harnessing the power of documentaries to effect social change; Interpreters4Syria – showcasing the evolving role of interpreters during the Syrian refugee crisis; and the Social Impact of Translation– meant to raise awareness of the social significance of language professionals’ work.

If you are interested in knowing more about us, join us at the ATA conference.

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