By: kmadmin

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the approval of our grant application by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. This means that over the next three years, MCIS will be developing a unique non-language specific training program for translators in languages of lesser diffusion, similar to the Interpreter Training Program.

This training will help to address the severe shortage of qualified translators with professional certification for languages of high demand in Ontario, which affects access to critical information and services for limited/non-English speaking persons in key areas such as health care, emergency services, legal access, education, social services and many more.

With the development of our Translator Training program, MCIS hopes to make a positive impact on the community, as it will increase the prosperity of linguistically diverse Ontarians building the skills and knowledge to become professional translators.

It will offer equal access to translation training opportunities to speakers of all languages as well as build community capacity to provide qualified translations in all languages to meet both local and global needs, leading to a reduced number of services declined due to unavailability of qualified resources.

We are so excited to get this project started! Please keep an eye out for more updates and news!

For more information on the Translator Training Program, please contact: