Advanced Court Interpreter Training (ACIT) Program for Interpreters

By: kmadmin

There is only one week left until the first day of class of the Advanced Court Interpreter Training (ACIT). If you are planning to become a certified court interpreter this year, now is the time to complete the preparation course.

ACIT will help you:

  • receive extensive preparation in the components of the court interpreter certification exam, such as sight translation and simultaneous & consecutive interpretation
  • cover key concepts, such as court decorum & etiquette, voir dire, and challenges to competence
  • develop your personal legal vocabulary and terminology
  • complete a mock MAG court certification exam
  • receive a certificate of completion of advanced court interpreter training program

Register Now

If the on-site ACIT course does not fit your schedule, consider taking ACIT online.


 How Does Online ACIT Work?

Trainees will be asked to join via Adobe Connect at the scheduled class times. Upon log-in, they will be connected in real-time to a qualified facilitator who will be delivering the lecture content live. Trainees will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with each other and the facilitator from the comfort of their own computer monitor.

What are the Requirements to Join ACIT?

ACIT is an advanced training course, which will require the mastery of challenging legal terminology as well as simultaneous interpretation. We recommend ACIT to interpreters who have already passed the Language Skills Assessment Test (ILSAT/CILISAT). ACIT may be appropriate to untrained interpreters with extenuating circumstances, such as educational or professional background in the legal field. ACIT is not recommended for beginner interpreters