Meet the Performers at MCIS AGM 2022

By: Cheryl

As the countdown for MCIS’ Annual General Meeting 2022 begins, there are so many things that we are preparing for. Specifically, the location, the food and beverage, the awards, and what we are all looking forward to: performances.

On the night of the AGM, there will be two musical performances from the talented members of our MCIS community. Our first performer, Chen Zhao, is a Toronto-based Mandarin interpreter who has been working for MCIS for almost 10 years. Coming from Mainland China, she will bring to us a musical performance, Tea Fragrance China with Hulusi (葫芦丝), a traditional Chinese instrument.

Hulusi, also referred to as the gourd flute, was created by ethnic minorities who lived in Yunnan Province of southern China. It’s a free reed wind instrument with one Calabash gourd wind chest and three bamboo pipes that pass through vertically. When played, it generates a pure, mellow clarinet-like sound.


Click to watch a sample of Zhao’s Hulusi performance:


The second performer of the night, Tali Cosman, is a Spanish and Hebrew interpreter and translator at MCIS, as well as a coach, counsellor (BS Psychology) accordionist entrepreneur and performer. Living in London, ON, since 2004, she has contributed to cultural, musical and festival productions that celebrate Latin American culture, like the Fiesta London (Mexican Fiesta) and Canadian Latin American Association (CALA). Through her accordion performing, she hopes to promote Mexican, South American and international music, because, after all, “la Vida es un carnaval.”

Click to watch samples of Cosman’s accordion performance:



This year’s AGM will be the first one we are able to host in person after the previous three. Food and beverages will all be provided at the venue (Ontario Science Centre), along with speeches from 3 excellent internal speakers highlighting all that MCIS achieved in Language Advocacy in 2021-2022. Are you ready for a night of celebration? Sign up today and join us!

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