Documents that need Medical Translation are typically highly technical and often highly sensitive. Any errors can lead to serious consequences. Translating medical documents require specialized knowledge of the medical and scientific fields to ensure an accurate, faithful and error free translation and therefore can’t be done by just anyone.

In addition to the usual skills required of translators, such as research skills and acute attention to detail, translators who work on medical translations must have in-depth knowledge of medical and technical terminology.

MCIS maintains detailed profiles for all of our translators and other language professionals, detailing their certification level, education and training, areas of specialization and availability. This allows us to ensure that translators with experience and/or education in the medical field are assigned to these types of projects.

Additionally, all translators who work with MCIS sign non-disclosure agreements and adhere to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. A confirmed breach of the Code of Ethics results in immediate dismissal from the MCIS roster. This ensures that any sensitive information in medical documents remains confidential.

We also make use of translation memories wherever possible to ensure consistency across documents and seamless, quick and cost-effective updates to frequently updated material.

MCIS also applies a three-step quality assurance process so you can be assured that our translations are error free.
You can trust MCIS as your vendor of choice for translations of medical documents including patient reports, doctor’s notes, test procedures, patient information leaflets, and more.

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