MCIS Working From Home #WFH

By: Cheryl

In full cooperation with Canada’s recent policy and in an effort to help lower the number of coronavirus cases, MCIS staff members have been working from home since mid-March.

Now that the first two weeks of the new working arrangements have passed, staff at MCIS seem to be adapting well. In addition to regular job duties, daily activities may now involve replying to emails while wrapped in blankets on the couch, snacking, and a general avoidance of any hair styling. But, to keep our energy levels high and boost moral while making our greatest effort to #FlattenTheCurve, MCIS has launched a photo campaign called #OurEffortMCIS so everyone can bring positivity by showing off their extra cozy home offices.

And here’s what we have.

Some of our staff, while enjoying being surrounded by music and books, are being perked up by their pet friends every once in a while, and now have to fight the guilt of being stared at by those watery puppy eyes filled with a yearning to play catch.

Some other staff, with the company of a tiny plant on the desk, are living just as comfortable a life.

Some of us are feeling very content with a landscape canvas for room décor and great lighting from a big window.

Others are working in a jealousy-provoking cozy nook surrounded by fluffiness.

Some colleagues have maintained the joys of life and brought sports and exercise indoors.

With the time saved from having to commute to the office, some people are expanding their recipe repertoires. Yum!

Though some, not feeling like cooking, have found themselves developing a squirrel-like habit of constantly feeding on boxes of hoarded snacks. We’re not naming any names!

Of course, many of us are still maintaining the same professional routine, like getting dressed in nice clothes and wearing makeup.

Cats, at this time of year, can usually be wonderful work assistants for producing the calming noise of a purr, providing therapeutic paw massages, and acting as the perfect wrist cushions with their fluffy bellies.

Unless, of course, if they refuse to cooperate and fail to understand why in the name of felinity they will soon be removed from that cozy office chair to achieve a more productive work environment.

This is what working from home for MCIS staff members looks like. From homes, instead of cubicles, we are ensuring that we remain healthy and motivated in delivering high-quality services as always, while at the same time, practicing lots of self-care. In these extraordinary times, our hearts are as bonded together as ever whilst keeping life and work enjoyable in each of our own unique and diverting ways.