By: Jack Xu

On October 7, when MCIS staff got together with construction paper, a marker, pipe cleaner, popsicle sticks and tape to “build the best possible tower,” they wondered how they would do it. Little did they know that they would get it done in a few minutes, all thanks to good old teamwork. This was done as part of a teambuilding workshop organized by MCIS to encourage collaboration in a team environment, and create effective cooperation. Hosted by Mark Ellwood, a leading Productivity Consultant, Speaker and Trainer, the workshop saw staff members participate in role-playing sessions and live simulation exercises.

During the workshop staff learnt the importance of a sense of humour in the workplace, respecting each other’s opinion, delegating effectively, establishing goals and metrics and dealing with conflicts. The session also helped reinforce the five values that MCIS staff have collectively identified as important. These include:


We treat others as we expect to be treated

  • We embrace and celebrate diversity and we value each individual’s unique talents and contributions
  • We create a workplace where our staff, customers and partners enjoy equal rights and opportunities and are treated with dignity and compassion
  • We foster a climate of trust and openness by communicating in a timely, accurate and honest way


Our goal is to provide professional and reliable language services

  • We listen to truly understand the needs of our customers and create excellent and consistent customer experience
  • We meet our customers’ needs by doing the right thing in the right way
  • We improve our work to optimize our efficiency and effectiveness for a seamless customer experience


We can only be successful when we work together

  • We collaborate to leverage our collective strength and make a difference in people’s lives.
  • We value team work because we learn and benefit from the experience and perspectives of others
  • We believe in collective impact and work towards common goals


We take responsibility for our own decisions and actions

  • We set high performance expectations and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work and the results we achieve
  • We assume responsibility for promised outcomes to our clients, our staff and the society we serve
  • We are proactive in all that we do, big or small


Innovation is the cornerstone of our current and future success

  • We anticipate and welcome disruptive changes
  • We challenge convention and reinvent the way we do business to stay competitive in the market
  • We are open to new ideas, nimble and adaptable
  • We are willing to take prudent risks, make tough decisions and seek out breakthrough solutions for our customers