(Un) Conference with Us on July 20th

By: Jack Xu

What’s a (Un)Conference, anyway?

 An unconference is the opposite of a lecture or a traditional conference. It’s not structured as one person at the front of the room giving a talk to all attendees in the room. An unconference has no fixed speakers, no fixed agenda, and no promotional or selling activities. Our MCIS unconference aims to mix language professionals with individuals from the social and private sectors who have relevant experience or interest in tackling the larger questions in the language industry. The goal is for the audience to steer the discussion in whatever direction they choose.

Why is MCIS Language Solutions hosting this event?

We want to bring not only language professionals but people from all walks of life into the conversation to discuss issues relevant to the language industry. The idea is to bring a holistic perspective into the room and come up with ideas on how to help innovate the language services field.

For instance, ideas from developers may focus on building mobile applications for vulnerable populations, whereas lawyers may bring advocacy issues into concern, while other attendees may focus on alternate angles of Language Services. When everyone comes together and shares their perspective, new insight and ideas emerge! We just want people to think broadly about topics that they find exciting and discuss them with one another while enjoying some free tasty snacks, tea, and coffee.

Who is it for?

Everyone and Anyone. Whoever shows up are the right people, and whatever happens is the only thing that could happen.


We aim for the program to run from 6 pm to 8:30 pm, but we understand that whenever it starts is the right time, and it’s over when it’s over. It’s all up to the attendees.


Center for Social Innovation: Annex

The Garage

720 Bathurst Street

Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R4

Sign up for free and bring your friends!



Zoya Khan, Social Impact & Public Relations Coordinator, Toronto, Ontario, July 12th, 2017