Testimonial: Interpretation Training

By: Jack Xu

By: Fati

As a non-native English speaker, living abroad for more than 10 years in English-speaking countries, I understand how being able to communicate can change one’s comfort level. Being able to be heard and learn about your rights and responsibilities can play a big role in making the new country your new home.

I often volunteered as an interpreter at my kids’ school for families of newcomers. The ESL teacher at school actually suggested I should/could do this as a career. I enjoyed helping people express themselves and communicate with each other, so I decided that was a great idea!

That is when I started looking for courses that could prepare me to do interpretation professionally. I searched and found MCIS training to be shorter than other programs, yet covering all the important subjects that I had to know. I decided to give it a try in January 2017.

The best part of MCIS training was meeting an amazing team who were very professional, extremely friendly, and always happy to help. Instructors were great and I learned a lot from them!

Since it was in-class training, I also made great friends with whom I’m still in touch!

I also took a few online workshops and trainings which were very helpful! I started working as an interpreter in January 2018 and I enjoy it every day! Working as an interpreter is fun since you get to go to different places and settings, and learn at each assignment.

I just joined MCIS for online community translator training, and I’m looking forward to learning a lot during this course!

I recommend training for anybody who is thinking to become a language professional and I think MCIS is a great option!