Lingua-Cultura Experience 2022 Conference Invitation

By: Cheryl

As languages that develop from mixtures of other languages and evolve over time, creole languages and their use spread wider than we thought. From ancient war zones where people from different countries met, to former colonies where cultures clashed and absorbed new vocabularies from each other, to modern countries where travellers try to fit in by speaking mixed and broken languages, and even to every corner in the world, where baby talk happens in almost every household with a newborn; creole languages impact humanity across time and space, serve as a symbol of multiculturalism and have witnessed the thousands of years of cross-cultural communication around the world.

In the coming month, the Lingua-Cultura Experience 2022 Conference will be celebrating and exploring creole languages, Indigenous languages and cultures of the world. With language and cultural educators, linguists, other professionals and learners, the conference will serve as a vehicle to promote the learning and use of these languages and cultures while creating a platform to amplify the voices of the speakers of these languages and advocate for language and cultural rights.

The deadline for registration is June 5. To sign up for free, visit here: