Language Rights Are Human Rights and Its About Time We Acknowledge That – Language Advocacy Day 2023

By: Cheryl

By: Klaidi Shehi

Language Advocacy Day 2023

This February 22nd we celebrate Language Advocacy Day (LAD23) with the third annual Our Language Rights Canada Conference hosted by the Language Access Coalition of Canada (LACC). This 2-day event explores the vital role that language education and advocacy plays in preserving individual culture and history while creating deeper human connections. Language Advocacy day is an online conference held by the Language Access Coalition of Canada’s (LACC) and this is its third consecutive year running. MCIS is the proud sponsor of the OLRC conference and has sponsored the event for the third consecutive year. Through the SBI Fund, MCIS has been able to sponsor LAD23 and many other events related to language advocacy and access since more than 3 decades now. In this blog we will tell you more about LAD2023 and how you can get involved this year!

Why it’s Important

Language Advocacy Day and the Our Language Rights Canadian Conference is the flagship event for all Canadian language advocates interested in issues related to language justice across the spectrum of official, Indigenous, and newcomer languages. The event brings together various non-profits, social service providers, academics, government officials, language professionals (interpreters, translators, and others), enthusiasts and more who work at the intersection of languages and all the industries for which it’s essential. Language Advocacy Day honours the efforts made by several advocacy organisations, non-profits, and language groups to assist Canadians who require language access. Many individuals struggle with language challenges that can range from legal situations or a simple doctor’s visit. That is why the Language Access Coalition of Canada started Language Advocacy Day 3 years ago to help bring awareness for the need of better language access in Canada to various national politicians and stakeholders. Just one year ago, LACC was successful in getting several proposals and pieces of legislation included into the political platforms for the election for 3 out of the 4 major parties. These politicians want to improve language access in Canada however they just don’t know where to start. This is where initiatives like LAD and groups like LACC come in.

What is Happening at #LAD23

This year, LAD23 and the OLR Canadian Conference will explore the importance of language education, advocacy as well as education in preserving culture and history, fostering a sense of belonging and creating deeper human connections. The two-day online conference will feature speeches from our two keynote speakers:

  1. Aaju Peter

Aaju Peter Inuit Activist, Lawyer and Designer

  1. Beverly Buchanan

Dr. Beverly BuchananAssistant Professor and Program Director At Lamar University

as well as panels like:

LAD panelLAD panel2As well as several other networking breakout room session talks and stories covering topics ranging from Indigenous Languages Revitalization and Newcomers Connections.

MCIS and LAD23

To continue our efforts to recognize language rights as human rights, MCIS is the proud sponsor of the third annual Our Language Rights Canada Conference on Language Advocacy Day 2023. MCIS has sponsored this conference for the third consecutive year in an effort to spread awareness of language advocacy and celebrate the work that language advocates, language professionals and other non-profits have been doing for language rights and access in Canada. MCIS as a Non-Profit Social Enterprise has always strived towards equitable language access for those that need it the most in Canada. Through our Social Benefit Initiative (SBI) Fund, MCIS has funded projects like the Language Advocacy Day Conference, the Indigenous Community Project, The Lingua-Cultura Experience Conference, the Interpreters in Time of War Panel and so many more that help advocate for language rights in Canada. A portion of the funds are used towards providing free language services and training for newcomers and others who need access to services but are inhibited by language barriers.

Information About LAD23

As mentioned, this year’s OLR Canada Conference is happening On February 22-23 from 12 pm to 4 pm. General admission tickets are free and are available HERE until Wednesday February 22nd. We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating another year of language advocacy here in Canada!