Increasing Access to Translator Training – The Long-Anticipated Online Version

By: Jack Xu

As we welcome Spring, we are springing into the long-awaited online version of our Translator Training Program, which is set to start by May 2018.

The online version is a vital component in our mission to offer access to equal translation training. We will be able to reach language professionals all over Ontario who can take the program for FREE!

If you had asked me a year ago to develop 40 comprehensive and theoretical modules, I would have said, “Not possible!” So, you must be thinking: “How did we do it?” Well, the completion of this project would have been impossible without our leader, Gabriela. Thanks to her project management skills we’ve reached the point where I can proudly present the Online Translator Training Program (OTTP).

I remember being extremely puzzled at the beginning when tasked to put together a template for the training modules and all I could think was that there were 40 modules to develop and we did not even have 40 weeks! But when reality kicked in, I kicked into gear! My templates started taking shape, and that created the backbone of the program design.

I was developing a module every week or two, using an authoring software called Articulate Storyline. And with every new module, the timeframe was getting shorter, and we found new challenges that needed to be addressed. The first one being how to present the heavy academic content in an interactive way that would keep learners motivated and fully engaged in the training process.  To overcome this issue, we conducted many online sessions with the content developers and subject matter experts to discuss which types of interactions we could incorporate. Another challenge came as we moved onto the next stage of development: the read-throughs. Every read-through gave us new ideas, which resulted in numerous revisions and updates to each module. In the end, we brought the content developer’s vision to life on the screen.

As the training modules were perfected, we needed to “vocalize” our program. Our ever-helpful colleagues at MCIS rose to the challenge, and with plenty of trial and error we had our voice talents.

Finally, in order to make sure that the training modules run smoothly and without any issues, we welcomed volunteers to test the course so that we could receive feedback from the learner’s perspective.

I want to personally thank everyone involved in this project. Latha and Veronica, thank you for your patience and encouragement throughout this process. Our voice-over talents for their effort in making the training sound cool! Thank you to our storyboard writers, Alejandro, Carol and Adrijana. Our E-Learning developers: Dorian, Martin and Viviane, for putting their best foot forward. Our volunteers, for helping us polish up the training modules. I also want to extend my deepest gratitude to the Training Department at MCIS.

Finally, Victoria, Makhala and Gabriela, the passion and drive you have shown during the development process have been a huge motivation for me. It has been a privilege to work with you!

We cannot wait to share the OTTP with you all!

To learn more about the training, or to register, CLICK HERE!

Tenzin Paldon
MCIS E-Learning Development Specialist