Welcome to the vendor training series for the MCIS Language Solutions Interpretation Services Project Management System – interpreterintelligence (II).

With the launch of II, new features will be available to all our interpreters, making the experience of working with MCIS more efficient and smooth. You will now be able to log into our Vendor Portal to:

  • Access details of your upcoming jobs (assignments) on your computer or smartphone
  • Accept or decline job offers through the portal
  • Mark your availability / unavailability to take jobs
  • Collect Service Provider (SP) signature on your smartphone
  • Attach documents to your qualifications
  • Submit job completion reports
  • Find job location through the smartphone app

You can use the navigation menu on the left hand side to browse to a specific part of the tutorial. In each part, you may use the video tutorials or text instructions to learn how to perform various tasks such as account access, accepting and declining assignments, and closing finished assignments. Tutorials are available for both using your smartphone as well as computer to access interpreterintelligence.

It is highly recommended that you access the portal using your smart phone for day-to-day operations such as accepting/declining jobs and reporting job completion. Computer access however, is required to manage your profile.

Mobile Phones