Profile Management: Computer Instructions

Navigating to User Profile

  • From any page of the Interpreter Intelligence portal, click on your username on the top-right corner of the portal, and select “User Profile“, or
  • From the home screen of the portal, click on the edit button that looks like a pencil beside your address, displayed towards the top left of the screen just below the MCIS logo.

    Please note: Although there are many editable fields on this page, kindly fullow the instructions below on submitting changes to information to MCIS.

    For any allowed changes, always click the blue “Save Information” button to the left of the screen after every change, to ensure that changes are not lost.

1. Personal Information

The first tab of this section is called Personal Information. Here you will see your contact information on file at MCIS Language Sulutions. Please review the information for accuracy.

You are free to enter/edit your Date of Birth, Website, and Timezone in the first section.

for your contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses and physical address, please do not update them yourself in this section. We have additional databases at MCIS, and contact information must be synchronized across databases. In addition, addresses must be entered in a particular format to pass system validation.

If you would like to update or add to your phone numbers, email addresses or physical addresses, please email

2. Financial Information

MCIS will not be using the InterpreterIntelligence database to track your financial information. Therefore, this tab will remain blank. If information is displayed here, it may be outdated or inaccurate. Updates to this section will not be received at MCIS, so it’s best to avoid this section.

If you would like to make a change to your financial information, please email, and provide an official bank letter or void cheque.

For HST payment, if you have already registered with CRA for HST payment, please be sure to send MCIS a copy of CRA document showing your name and HST number on it, also to

3. Employment Eligibility

Employment Eligibility

This section contains basic documents that must be cullected by MCIS for you to be eligible to work for us.


The qualifications section displays a list of your on-file qualifications with MCIS Language Sulutions. These qualifications are used to match you to eligible jobs. If you feel that a qualification is missing from this list, feel free to contact, or by phone at 416-467-3097 x530.

Qualifications should contain support documents, or backing documents. These can be membership documents, certificates, reference letters or credentials. Certain qualifications, such as memberships and background clearance checks also expire, and new ones should be submitted to keep these qualifications up-to-date. To submit backing documents:

  • Click on the pencil image, which is the “Edit Eligibility” button to the left of each qualification. This will expand the selection.
  • Click on the green button “Add Backing Document“.
  • Select the appropriate document from your computer and click on “Upload File“.
  • Click now on the disc image on the far left of this section, which is the “Save Eligibility” button.
  • A pop-up message appears on screen, informing you that eligibility changes will be unconfirmed until checked by MCIS staff. Click on “Okay“.
  • Another message tells you that your request was successfully processed.
  • Click on the blue “Save Information” button to the left of the screen to ensure that all changes to your profile have been saved.

4. Availability

This section is used to mark your availability to work with MCIS. It is highly recommended that you complete this section of your profile. Use this section to mark your general availability and what time periods you’d like to receive offers for jobs. Please do not use this section to attempt to enter vacations and temporary unavailable periods. This is handled by the next tab under your User Profile. To mark availability:

  • To mark a time range that you are regularly available for each day of the week, click and drag from start to end time. Repeat this for each day of the week.
  • If you are available for any time on a particular day of the week, click in the first row marked “all-day” below that day of the week.
  • If you make a mistake, click on the red garbage can icon to delete a particular section.
  • When ready, click on the blue “Save” button beside the words “Weekly availability schedule” at the top of the calendar.
  • Click on the blue “Save Information” button to the left of the screen to ensure that all changes to your profile have been saved.

5. Not Available

Use this section to mark vacations, other commitments and projects, or any other periods of time when you are temporarily not available to accept job offers.

  • Click into the Start Date and End Date fields, and use the pop-up calendars to select the period you will be away.
  • Either select a Start Time to match the Start Date, and an End Time to match the End Date, or check the “All Day” check box to automatically select 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.
  • Choose a description
    • Time Off
    • Day Off
    • Reserved
    • Call Out
  • Click on the “Add” button to mark this in your calendar.
  • Click on the blue “Save Information” button to the left of the screen to ensure that all changes to your profile have been saved.

6. Configuration

You can use this section to change your password. To change the password:

  • Enter the current password
  • Enter the new password twice
  • Click on the “Save” button below.
  • Click on the blue “Save Information” button to the left of the screen to ensure that all changes to your profile have been saved.

Do not use the “Time Zone Preference” section in this tab.
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