Interface: Computer Instructions

1. Home Button:

Clicking on the home button or the small MCIS logo takes you to the home screen of the portal.

2. Jobs Calendar

The jobs calendar sub-menu allows you to view:

  • a calendar or tabular view of all jobs, or
  • a list of open jobs that need to be closed.

3. Receivables

The receivables button allows you to access finance and payment information on closed jobs.

4. Reports

Reports available to interpreters.

5. Search Bar

Look up the details of a job by searching for a job number.

6. 7. Profile

Access your profile information, and log in/out of the system.

8. Open Jobs

Pending open jobs that need to be closed after completing them.

9. Unconfirmed Jobs

Jobs that you have accepted availability for, but have not been confirmed by MCIS.

Please note: You normally should not have ANY unconfirmed jobs displayed. If you notice one or more jobs with “Assigned (ASS)” status in this section, kindly contact an IS coordinator at MCIS. MCIS should be upgrading jobs from “Offered (OFR)” status to “Confirmed (CON)” status directly.

10. Date Chooser

Display jobs summary by date.

11. Quick Links

Quick links to areas of the portal by list.

12. Dashboard

The default dashboard view has three sections:

  • Offered Jobs – This is where you can view a list of offered jobs and either choose to accept or decline the offers.
  • Messages & Alerts – Important notifications appear here.
  • Job Diary – A list of jobs belonging to you based on your date selection in the Date Chooser.
  • Missing Documents – A list of closed jobs that still need to have their Verification of Service (VoS) forms uploaded.

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