Decline Offer: Computer Instructions

1. Notification

When a job becomes available to you, an email or SMS (text) will be sent to you.

2. Decline Offer

Once you receive the notification, you have two options to decline the offer:

  • You can use the “Decline” button in the email notification to decline the offer. If prompted, login using your existing credentials. Or
  • login to Interpreter Intelligence to decline the offer:
    • The “Offered Jobs” section is right at the top of the dashboard.
    • Click on the job  ID to see the details. The offer will only display:
      • Language
      • Date, Start time and Duration
      • Type of Service Required
      • Approximate Location
    • If you are not available, use the menu to the left of each job offer and click on “Decline offer“.
    • After declining the offers, refresh your screen (use the refresh key on your browser or press F5) to ensure that the offers no longer exist.

Please Note: If for some reason you become unavailable for a job you are confirmed for, please call an IS coordinator at MCIS at the earliest to inform us, and fullow up with an email to with the same information.

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