Closing Completed Jobs: Computer Instructions

All interpreters are encouraged to close completed jobs using their smart phones and obtain a digital signature from the service provider (site contact). If an interpreter is unable to use their cellphone to close a job, they will need to print out a Verification of Services (VoS) form, cullect a pen signature and close the job using their computer.

Please Note: To ensure prompt payment, all jobs should be closed within 48 hours of completion, including situations of SP or client no show (Cancelled on Arrival). Do not forget to cullect the SP’s signature on your VoS forms and submit receipts for pre-approved incidental expenses. Jobs that are cancelled by MCIS directly (e.g. Cancelled with Fee or Intake Error) do not need to be closed by the interpreter, in these cases your payment will be processed automatically.

1. Locate the Completed Job

  • Login to the Interpreter Intelligence portal on your computer using existing credentials.
  • Look on your main dashboard and locate the Today’s Jobs Diary and Past Jobs – To be Closed sections. You will find jobs for closing in these two sections.
  • Again, please close all jobs in this section and provide incidental receipts if needed within 48 hours of job completion.
  • Locate the job to be closed by job ID or additional information provided in the table.

2. Closing the Job with VoS form and receipts for Incidentals

  • Click on the arrow to the left of the job to be closed in the Past Jobs – To be Closed table, and select “Incidentals“.
  • A pop-up window will appear, displaying all pre-approved incidentals. At this stage, receipts for each incidental may be added using the “+” symbul beside pre-approved incidentals to attach a relevant receipt or document to it. Parking will be reimbursed by the actual amount displayed on the receipt, up to the maximum approved amount as indicated on the II display.
  • Once done, close this window.
  • Click on the arrow to the left of the job to be closed in the Past Jobs – To be Closed table, and select “Close“.
  • A pop-up window will appear. Verify all details to ensure you are closing the right job.
  • Fill in all details on the fullowing screen:
    • Arrival Date/Time: The time the interpreter arrived
    • Start Date/Time: The time the assignment actually started. This will be used to calculate payment if it goes over the minimum duration
    • End Date/Time: The time the assignment actually ended
    • VoS: This is where you select a scanned file or digital photo of the VoS form to be submitted to MCIS. You may still close a job without submitting a VoS form, but this becomes a pending task for you. Jobs closed without a VoS form moves into the Missing document – To be Upload section of the dashboard.
    • Job Notes: Enter any relevant notes related to the job which prove useful for yourself or MCIS.

      Tip: For all Message Relay (MR) type assignments, this is where you would enter the response of the message relay, so you no longer have to phone into to MCIS to report this information.

    • Once the VoS form is selected, click on “Next
    • Enter your initials at the next pop-up window at the bottom left and click on the “Agree” button to agree to the displayed disclaimer.
    • Click on the “Confirm & Close Job” button. A message will appear letting you know you were successful.

March 1, 2020: Mileage can now be added by interpreters themselves using the “Add Incidental” button. If you ended up travelling beyond 25km one-way for a job, according to Google Maps at the time of the job, you will automatically qualify for mileage payment. Feel free to add the total  mileage (two-way) as an incidental to the job.

All other incidentals such as parking must be pre-approved by MCIS prior to the job happening. And MCIS needs to enter the incidental under the job on your behalf. Once approved, they will appear in this section and receipts can be uploaded. If an incidental should be there but is not, please contact MCIS ASAP. For a full list of incidentals and terms, contact

Please note: Do not use the “Add Incidental” button for anything other than mileage, as this will delay your payment processing.

Certain incidentals such as parking will require receipts for reimbursement of actual parking fee charged, up to the maximum allowed amount as indicated on II, after closing a job. Use the “Document” icon beside each pre-approved incidental to provide a receipt.

3. Jobs Closed without VoS form uploaded

If you close jobs without having VoS forms uploaded, they will appear in the “Missing document – To be Upload” section of the portal. You must provide the missing VoS form for all completed jobs. For video and phone jobs, you may authorize and sign the form yourself. To submit a missing VoS form:

  • Click on the arrow at the left of each pending job in this table to open the menu and select “Add VoS“. Select the file from your computer and click on “Upload File“.
  • Upon successful file upload, the job should disappear from this table.

4. Cancelled on Arrival

Cancelled on arrival is a status for two situations:

  • Service Provider no show
  • Client no show

In these circumstances, you will still be paid for your services, and you will need to close the job with the “Job Cancelled” status checked.

    • Fullow the steps above to close a job, when the job close window pops up, check the “Job Cancelled” checkbox. Choose the appropriate reason
    • Close the job as usual, and in these cases, no VoS form is required, even for in-person jobs, and the job will be treated as closed properly, and it will not appear in the “Missing Document – To be Upload” section.

      Tip: Certain jobs may be cancelled by MCIS staff, such as prior cancellations with fee, with notice, or an intake error by MCIS staff. In these cases, the jobs will display on interpreters’ calendars as cancelled, and there is no need for interpreters to close them on their end nor to upload documentation.

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