Accept Offer: Computer Instructions

1. Notification

March 1, 2020: To cut down on emails and text notifications to interpreters, regular jobs that you are eligible for within the area will no longer prompt notifications. Please login to the II portal often to check for jobs that you qualify for and to accept them.

Notifications will still be sent for:

  • Rush jobs, to be completed within approximately 24 hours
  • Jobs outside your area. You automatically quality for mileage for these jobs and may add mileage when closing these jobs

Job notifications will come by notification email or text message. Or you may receive a call by MCIS staff.

2. Accept Offer

Once you receive the notification, you have two options to accept the job offer:

  • Use the “Accept” link in your email to accept the offer. If prompted, login to the portal using existing credentials. You will have to do this with every offer email. Or, if you received a text message or wish to use the portal to see full address details before accepting:
  • login to Interpreter Intelligence to accept the offer:
    • The offered jobs are at the top of your dashboard view.
    • Click on the job ID to see the details.
    • The offer will only display:
      • Language
      • Date, Start time and Duration
      • Type of Service Required
      • Approximate Location
    • If you are available, use the menu to the left of each listed offer and choose “Accept offer“.
    • Refresh your screen using your browser’s refresh button or press F5 on most browsers, to ensure that the offer is no longer on the pending offers list. See the next section below on how now jobs are automatically confirmed.

3. Confirmed Jobs

March 1, 2020: Upon accepting a job, you will be confirmed for it automatically by the system within a few minutes. Therefore, if you accept a job, be sure that you are available for it!

You will also receive a confirmation email, which you should read through carefully. Afterwards, the confirmed jobs will appear in your jobs list if you navigate to that date, or use the customer search function.

You may choose to synchronize confirmed jobs using the “Sync” button to add all listed confirmed jobs to your phone’s calendar.

You may also review pre-approved incidentals under the job details once they are confirmed. More on this topic in the section on closing jobs.

4. Verification of Service (VoS) form

Jobs can be easily closed at the end of the service digitally on your smartphone. If this is not an option for you, and you want to close jobs on your computer, you must bring the Verification of Service (VoS) form with you to the job, and obtain a written signature from the Service Provider (SP). There are two ways to obtain the VoS form, print it out and bring it with you to a job location:

  • VoS forms are attached and pre-filled out with every confirmation email, or
  • VoS forms are available in the “Open Jobs” view under the “Calendar” menu of the Interpreter Intelligence portal. Once in that view, click on the orange arrow to the left of every open job on the list, and select “VoS form”. The form will display in a pop-up window, where you can choose to print it or save it as a PDF file to be printed later.

VoS Forms for Rush Jobs

Upon accepting rush jobs, you may not always have time to print out a VoS form before attending the job. In this case, if you have a smart phone, you can easily close the job at completion and obtain the SP’s signature digitally, without the need for a VoS form (See Closing a Job on your Smart Phone here). If this isn’t an option, you may also download copies of blank VoS forms to bring with you to jobs, and fill them out upon job completion and obtain a service provider’s signature that way. Visit this link to download copies of blank VoS forms:

VOS Form.pdf

5. Returning previously accepted jobs (Denying jobs)

If you need to return a previously accepted and confirmed job (deny a job), call the MCIS IS department immediately at 416-467-3097 x700. If you are unable to reach them by phone, send an email to It is recommended to send a fullow-up email regardless. When a job is returned, it is sometimes hard to find a replacement, particularly last minute, and a person may go without service. This is why we kindly ask that you do not return jobs unless it is for reasons beyond your contrul.

Important Note: Denying confirmed jobs regularly will negatively reflect on your profile with MCIS. Denied jobs are monitored by MCIS and may lead to your profile being deactivated by MCIS if it is recurrent.

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