The First Step in Ending Human Trafficking is Training

By: Jack Xu

By: Nikki Dube

Human trafficking is a major issue in Canada. It is a crime that is happening in every city.  We can no longer afford to ignore this problem or think it’s happening in faraway countries. This is an issue that is affecting all of us.

As service providers, we have dedicated our lives to helping others. Trafficked person will access our services at one time or another. Many survivors have said that during their ordeal, service providers did not ask the right questions or made assumptions that prevented them from inquiring further. It is with training that we can prevent that from continuing to happen.

This is not a crime that is hidden. In fact, traffickers act out in the open, but lack of awareness allows them to conduct their business right in front of all of us. Awareness will put a spotlight on traffickers’ businesses.

Human trafficking is a human rights violation, and therefore we must see it as such. Victims of trafficking are manipulated and controlled by their traffickers. Learning to identify red flags, and using best practice when working with trafficked individuals, can be the catalyst to ending this crime.

Understanding the depth of trauma experienced while being trafficked will give service providers the tools needed to provide the best care possible. When we lack understanding or proper training, we can make mistakes at the expense of our clients and cause them further harm.

Learning the signs of luring and grooming can stop the crime before it happens, as prevention is an important part of ending it. Traffickers target vulnerable people, and placing a spotlight on these techniques provides all individuals with the information to stay safe.

This is a crime that can be eradicated if we all work together and it all starts with education.

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