COVID-19 Response


MCIS has collected the following multilingual databases related to COVID-19. They are set up in English, but include a large amount of information and resources available in a high number of languages. If you know anyone else who can use the information in the links below, please feel free to share this page with them.

VACCINE BULLETIN: Trusted Answers to Your COVID-19 Vaccine Questions


04-07-2021: Ontario introduces another stay-at-home order, declares third state of emergency

04-07-2021: Statement from the Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health Implementing COVID-19 Vaccination in Canada

04-01-2021: ESDC Youth employment and Skills Strategy (YESS) funding

04-01-2021: Ontario government moves to activate 4-week, province wide COVID-19 “emergency brake”

03-31-2021: Statement from the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on March 31, 2021

03-30-2021: Recall of certain sanitizers that may pose health risks

03-30-2021: The Government of Canada reminds travelers returning to Canada of COVID-19 border measures

03-29-2021: Health Canada taking further action to confirm the benefit-risk profile of the AstraZeneca Vaccine

03-29-2021: World Leaders to meet on strengthening financial measures to boost efforts to cope with COVID-19 fallout

03-28-2021: Vaccine Safety in Canada: What you should know

03-26-2021: Government of Canada invests in new research to address COVID-19 variants

03-25-2021: Support for Health Care and Vaccinations across Canada

03-18-2021: Government of Canada launches consultations to ensure labour protections meet new realities of working Canadians

03-18-2021: Support to workers and families increases with the passage of EI legislation and the coming into effect of recovery benefit regulations

03-17-2021: Vaccines and treatments for COVID-19: Vaccine rollout

03-17-2021: Coronavirus disease: Outbreak updates

03-16-2021: Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, which includes: support for individuals, businesses, and sectors

03-11-2021: Government of Canada COVID-19 Update for Indigenous Peoples and communities

03-11-2021: First Ministers mark the first anniversary of the global COVID-19 pandemic

03-10-2021: Statement from the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada

03-07-2021: CPHO Sunday Edition: Canada’s Two New COVID-19 Vaccines: What You Should Know

03-01-2021: Employment Insurance COVID-19: Temporary changes have been made to the EI program to help you access EI benefits. These changes are in effect until September 25, 2021.


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