Continued Competence is Taken Very Seriously

By: Jack Xu

At MCIS Language Services we take Continued Competence very seriously!
As per our interpreter code of ethics, our language professionals commit themselves to lifelong learning in recognition that languages, individuals, and services evolve and change over time and a competent interpreter strives to maintain the delivery of quality interpretation.
As part of this important principle interpreters are to:

  • Take available courses and examinations to obtain accreditation and/or certification.
  • Maintain and expand skills and knowledge through self-teaching, formal and informal continuing education.
  • Seek evaluative feedback and practices self-evaluation concerning performance.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate their certifications, accreditations, training and pertinent experience.
  • Maintain membership in appropriate professional associations of interpreters and comply with the code of ethics of such associations.

To support our language professionals in their commitment to their lifelong learning, MCIS Language Services has developed the Continued Competence Series, a collection of eLearning modules that offer language interpretation practice in the context mental health, autism, sexual violence, human trafficking, financial services, education settings and more.
Take a look at one of our most recent additions to the Continued Competence Series, the Financial Interpreting Services module. The financial service sector is dynamic and therefore requires continuous terminology upgrading. In this module we take a look at interpreting in financial services settings. On the one hand, interpreters learn about the Financial Services Commission legislative mandate and three-part structure, as well as its regulative role and outcomes. On the other hand, the module explores certain practical points and information intended to assist interpreters as they prepare for assignments in this setting. Interpreters can also download a comprehensive glossary consisting of terminology used in a variety of settings pertaining to assignments in financial services settings. We are confident interpreters will find this module both informative and useful in enhancing their language interpreting skills.
Are you curious about other modules of the Continued Competence Series?

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By Alejandro Gonzalez