Things are Changing in Montreal

By: Jack Xu

“Where do you want to go again? Do you know how to get there? Looks like my app is not working,” as the Uber driver asked me these questions on the busy streets of Montreal, I gave him a puzzled look as every anxious traveler should. “Could you restart it again?” I asked nervously. I had ten minutes to catch my train and the situation was not helping.

The driver turned around and then said assuredly, “I can drive you there for free if the app does not work again. It is fine.”  “Wow! Free ride,” I said to myself. As it is with most rides, I started talking to the driver. I asked him a clichéd question, “Where are you from?”

“I am from Iran but have been here for quite some time. There are many Indians here too. Many of them are finishing their Master’s degree. This place is truly diverse.” I told him I noticed that, and by that time the app started working, I started thinking about the changing demographics of Montreal.

A 2016 census report says that language diversity is growing in Canada. In fact, one out of every five Canadians said at home, they speak a language other than English or French. You can literally see this change in Montreal; while historically their main immigrant groups have been Italians, Greeks, Portuguese and people from the Caribbean, today that has changed.

Incidentally, the fastest growing languages in Montreal are from India-Malayalam, Telugu and Marathi. Laval has also seen an increase in Tamil and Bengali speakers. Farsi is now widely spoken in the suburbs of Montreal.

As a leading language service provider, we understand the importance of understanding changing demographics not just in Montreal but across Canada. This is why we have revamped recruitment all over Canada and hired additional qualified interpreters and translators. Our extensive roster has over 5,000 language professionals who are available 24/7/365.

So, do not hesitate to give us a call if you run into a Spanish or Farsi speaker on the streets of Montreal, we promise to get you an interpreter as soon as possible.

-Vivek Vijayapalan, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, August 16, 2017, Toronto, Ontario