How MCIS’ Translator Training Program Bridges the Gap

To define translation, we often use the image of a bridge: we say that translation “bridges the gap” between cultures, languages, and people. In this analogy, translators are mediators who relentlessly transfer the meaning from one shore (the source language) to the other shore (the target language). In today’s world, and particularly in Canada, there is a growing need for translation due to globalization, international markets, and increasing migration. In a multicultural and plurilingual setting…

The Social Impact of Timely Pay

Imagine working 20 to 30 hours per week at a job, which is your primary source of income, but then not getting paid for months. Unfortunately, this is a reality for some freelancers. But MCIS is committed to ensuring that this is never the case for the language professionals we work with. And here’s why

How MCIS Welcomes, Assists and Employs Newcomers

In February, during our annual kick-off, I came across many familiar faces working for us as interpreters and translators. As a few of them stood on stage and shared their heartwarming stories, there was one common thread which caught my attention; they were newcomers who got their start in Canada because of the language service industry.

MCIS 2017 International Translation Day Event – the Future of Work 101.2

As conflicted as we may be about technological disruption in the translation industry, technology is here to stay. So in the second part of our International Translation Day Event, I really wanted to give an opportunity to all translators who had joined us to really voice their concerns and challenges, but also think about ways in which they can embrace technology to make their own work better, more efficient and productive. This had to be…

MCIS 2017 International Translation Day Event –the Future of Work 101.1

“Each culture in the world should be in control of its destiny. By promoting diversity of cultures and  languages, we can hope to create a world full of possibilities for learning, growing and sharing a peaceful vision for humanity based on mutual understanding and respect.”  –International Federation of Translators International Translation Day, celebrated on September 30th every year, is always such a special day for us, language professionals. But this year was all the more special…