Translation Services

MCIS offers high quality translations to help you reach your multicultural audience and diversified market segments. We work with high caliber translators, using a solid quality assurance process and state-of-the art translation and terminology management systems. Our project coordinators are always available to discuss your requirements and provide you with the best and most convenient solutions that will allow you to share your materials with your audience in their language.

Document Translation
Translation-Editing-Proofreading, is the typical workflow process for the translation department. Two translators are always used for this process, one for translating, and one for revising/editing. The revised work is then sent back to the original translator for final approval. This is the ideal service for straight forward document translation for the purpose of information dissemination, including manuals, reports, contracts, instructions, notifications, etc.
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Notarized/Certified Translation
If you require certified translation in Canada, or notarized translation if certification is not available for a particular language, for the purpose of immigration, legal proceedings, or application for study or work, MCIS will provide the translation with affidavit from a certified translator, or a notarized affidavit, for a small fee.
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On-site translation
If you have sensitive or confidential documents that require translation, but you do not want the information to be sent via a secure file transfer portal or unsecured email, we will make an effort to locate qualified translators in your area, to perform the translation services at your operating location. Service will be charged based on hourly rates. We do not send professionals to private residences.
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Transcreation, or creative translation, combines translation and copy writing, and is used primarily for short, promotional materials such as magazine ad banners, jingles, slogans or radio spots. We will source professionals familiar with your target audience to translate not only the information, but also the mood and feel of the message, to ensure that the information carry the same effect, allurement and smoothness into the target language.

Allow our professionals to localize your content for specific target audiences around the world, for maximum attention and impact. This service can be combined with T.E.P. service, or can be performed on existing translated materials. If you wish to localize a website, please provide a link for your site when requesting a quote.

Back translation
If you need to evaluate the quality and accuracy of an existing translation, either provided by MCIS or another party, the back translation service can be an effective tool. We will use linguists who were not involved in the initial translation project (whether they were sourced through MCIS or not), to translated the pre-translated text back into the source language, for you to compare and evaluate vs. the original. The professional performing this service will not have access to the original documents.
Multimedia Services
Services for a digital age.
Desktop Publishing (DTP)
If you have existing design documents in English, created using Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher, and would like to have the content translated and published into different languages, our translation team will provide you with edited design files and PDFs ready for print or online publishing. MCIS has many years of experience working with publishing foreign languages, including South Asian and Middle Eastern languages, which normally present font issues in Adobe InDesign. An English PDF file is all that’s required for a quote, we will ask you to send the design files at a late stage.
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If you require video or audio content to be transcribed to text, into the same or a different language, for the purposes of legal proceedings, applications, data mining, research or record keeping, let MCIS’s translation team take care of it. When it involves multiple languages, we always proofread our transcription work with a second translator, just like for T.E.P. services. When requesting a quote, please provide a link to download the video/audio files.
Recorded Interpretation
Used often by market research companies, who frequently gather video/audio responses and feedback around the world for data mining, MCIS will provide an audio track in the target language of your choice, with the choice of having it overlaid on top of the original video, for you to understand and collect valuable information from the multimedia content. Different from dubbing, this service emphasizes accuracy of information, over sound quality and timing. When requesting a quote, please indicate the length of the source video/audio files, number of speakers, language(s) spoken, and the topic. If possible, please provide a download link.
If you need to make your promotional, training, or commercial videos accessible to audiences speaking different languages or who may be deaf, deafened or hard of hearing, let MCIS assist with subtitling service. When requesting a quote, please indicate the length of the source materials, language(s) spoken, and the topic if applicable. If possible, please provide a download link for us to preview the video(s).
Accessibility Services
For people who are blind or partially sighted
Braille Printing
Braille is a system of writing or printing, consisting of tangible dots or points used to represent letters and characters that are read by touch. We offer Braille printing services in both official languages of Canada, English and French.
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Accessibility Document Formatting
Accessible document formatting optimizes electronic documents for processing by specialized reading software for persons who are blind or partially sighted. This service is available for multiple document formats and in multiple languages. Let us format your design documents or PDFs for maximum compliance and audience reach.
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