Make your multimedia content accessible to your audience in their language

In the digital age, language services are about much more than translating one document into another language. From video to written text, from written text to audio recordings, our services allow you to make your content available across languages and across media. Here are a few of the services we offer!


This service allows viewers to read a written translation of what is being said in a video. Dialogues are transcribed and appear in a shortened format on-screen. The service may be used to make the videos accessible or in order to reach an audience that speaks a different language


Transcription involves transferring spoken content in an audio or video file to a written document. The transcript can be completed in the original language of the audio or into a different language.


Voice-over recording involves placing a pre-recorded audio track over a video. It is recorded by a voice talent.

Recorded Interpretation

This service involves interpreting a video from a foreign language into English or vice versa. The audio is recorded and used as a different audio track for the original video. This offers a low cost alternative to dubbing services, when the video material is used for research or other internal purposes and is not meant for public distribution.