Latha Sukumar
Latha Sukumar

Latha Sukumar is the Executive Director of MCIS Language Solutions and as such as has guided MCIS to new heights for over 2 decades.

Latha Is a lawyer and social entrepreneur whose crowning moment was winning a National Award from the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund in 2010, for being one of 15 lawyers in Canada who has advanced the equality rights of women.

An advocate for the rights of new comers, Latha has served on a number of community boards and has spoken in the media, before legislative committees and at public gatherings on victim rights issues. Latha believes in applying new discoveries she makes, to her personal and professional life and work and loves collaborative work and partnership building while participating in entrepreneurial opportunities. Besides being a social entrepreneur, Latha is an avid blogger, a yoga teacher and Vipassana meditator.

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