We offer free language consulting to help you determine your language services needs, and offer customized solutions that meet your requirements and budget.

MCIS is about so much more than just providing our core translation and interpretation services. We offer a full suite of solutions that are meant to help you overcome language barriers when interacting with your clients, business partners, and stakeholders. Can’t find what you need below? Give us a call!

Language consulting:

MCIS’ consulting services combine the right language professionals with the right combination of services in order to provide your organization with a complete customized solution. Our customized solutions will enable you to communicate in your customer’s language, culture and environment. This service is invaluable when expanding abroad.

Project Management:

MCIS offers end to end coordination for language services projects. For example, coordinating a translation project of the time the request is received to the delivery stage and post-deliver follow-up. This involves assessing client needs, creating a work plan and schedule, selecting and coordinating appropriate resources to ensure project remains within budget and is delivered on time.