These introductory modules are a great way to become familiar with the basics of language interpretation. They are suitable for novice interpreters with little or no previous formal interpreter training, or for qualified interpreters looking to further their interpretation skills.

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The modules are hosted in our eLearning platform at You will need to open a free account on the platform in order to access the modules. They can be accessed online anytime, from anywhere. INT101 or BINT (Les bases de l’interprétation) also serve as an orientation to the standards and best practices for professionals who are new to our roster of language professionals.

Skills Development Workshops
  • Do you need help preparing for an interpreter language skills assessment?
  • Do you want to find out if you have the skills required to work as an interpreter?

These language-independent workshops are a great way to identify your interpretation strengths and weaknesses. They will also help you identify your level of preparedness for an interpreter language skills assessment. The group session seats 12-16 people, and it includes basic concepts in sight translation and dialogue interpretation, tips on taking the most popular interpreter language skills assessments available in the industry (ILSAT/CILISAT), and personalized feedback on grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and other aspects of the test.

If you wish to book an ILSAT or CILISAT exam, please click here. 

Language-Specific Mentoring Sessions
  • Do you need more practice with an experienced interpreter in your working languages?

Mentoring sessions are an excellent opportunity for candidates with basic or intermediate interpreting skills to obtain advice and guidance from an accomplished interpreter in a language of their choice in one-on-one sessions. During a mentoring session, you will have the opportunity to practise technical terminology and setting-specific vocabulary, receive language-specific feedback on the quality of your interpretation, complete mock scenarios, and practice with sample language labs. Mentoring sessions are available in over 100 languages.

  • Cost (Online, 1 hour minimum): $50.00 + HST
  • Cost (On-Site, 2 hours minimum): $90.00 + HST
  • Format: Online or in-person
  • Register here: Mentoring Session Request
  • Designation Awarded upon Completion: N/A



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