We help you ensure that all your services and communications are accessible. These services are meant to assist your organization ensure that your services and information you are making available are accessible to customers with disabilities. We work with you to determine in every case which service best suits the situation and your requirements. Here are just a few of our solutions:

La Langue Des Signes QUÉBÉCOISE
La langue des signes québécoise

LSQ is used for communication between French speakers and people who are deaf or hearing impaired, that have learned to sign in LSQ.

Deaf Interpretation
Deaf Interpretation

Deaf interpretation is needed when trying to communicate with a deaf person who has limited communication skills or uses non-standard ASL gestures that cannot communicate directly and effectively with an ASL interpreter.

Comunication Access Real-Time Translation
Communication Access Real-time Translation

CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) is the live, word-for-word transcription of speech to text so that individuals can read what is being said in group settings or at personal appointments on a laptop or a larger screen. CART services can be provided on-site or remotely. Real time or after the event is held.

Braille Printing
Braille Printing

Braille is a system of writing or printing, consisting of tangible dots or points used to represent letters and characters that are read by touch. We offer Braille printing services in both official languages.

Document Capture
Accessible document formatting

Accessible document formatting optimizes electronic documents for processing by specialized reading software for persons who are blind or partially sighted. This service is available for multiple document formats and in multiple languages.